Does SG MIW MP & minister pay justifiable?

From the economic growth 

The labor productivity or the so call productivity are measured as output /input.

Productivity describes various measures of the efficiency of production. A productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in a production process, i.e. output per unit of input.

As an example of it:

If we fix the output for an MIW minister or MP according to:

number of MPS conducted  + % of the house visited in his/her precinct + number of problem solve for the resident + number of resident committee program run per months + attendance at the parliament + rising of good debate

And the input: MP or minister allowance /  672 hours

note: 672 hours is taken as the consideration as Full time MP

Most of them aren’t Full time at all.

So is it justifiable

Where else some of the programs are run with the help and aid of RC or PA member. Likewise recently I experience what the so call house visit is Per-selected. During that time my house door was left open with only the gate lock. Hence, the RC member just runs to my gate and slot a piece of paper. And i don’t even saw my MP at all.

But most often they do  have full attend at the parliament.

Is this what the people voting for ?

So is their pay justifiable? Or self-entitlement of high MP allowance as a thankless job?

Logic & economics sense .