Tipping point for Singaporean due to the mass influx of FT will reach it paramount

I started this topic and as mention in my past topic over in some forum that the tipping point for Singaporean might reach a level of paramount within couple years later. Or i might be wrong with the currency condition of stagflation in 2017. By introducing of water tax by 30% and job losses.

The unintended consequence to up held and maintain GDP will lead to despair and destitution of middle-income and the poor. As job is becoming scare.

So what went wrong with SG-economy.Over-relying on the cheap labor market where the supply is more to the demand thru globalization.As such that it is leading or transform Singapore a young and vibrant nation into a state of despair.

What is globalization? A new form of modern slavery trade in today society. A contract for the 3rd world economy refugee merely to get rich in their own country where after conversion of sing dollar to theirs.Yes, they here to strive for a couple of years before going back to enjoy a queen and king lifestyle but as for the local born and bred simply get nothing. Furthermore;
it leads to:
1. social decay and urban degeneration( conflict of social and hostility )
2. core value are erosion, making a country less productive in the future.
(where culture and brought up are different)( where knowledge are not being passed down)
3. Stagflation during this current economy downturn where the company is not willingly to invest or hire locally.
4. unhappiness and more divorce; more broken family
5. increase of mental health issue among the native as paranoid growth within (since most the import of FT are within the southeast Asia such Indian, China, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia)

6. Reduce of birthrate while locally needed to fend for a living merely for a few dollars in order to survive; attitude change and shifted such as what we know sinkies pawn sinkies else can’t sleep well in the night.
7. high increase of spending for national defend and home security due Increase of espionage
8. living on debt thru borrowing of credit card or within the limit.

will the future young generation will living in at an age of stigma?