PAP ib’s strategy commonly use in the internet


1. create various of clones

2. you will notice that some account with little posting or created long ago suddenly cum out to sing song. Or the account may be bought over a long time ago.

3. using photoshop xiong given exactly the same from similj “fabricate PAP” to post over there. (Fabricate definition: verb
invent (something) in order to deceive)

4. open up a lot of different type web browser or web page using hide my ip free to login to different account).

5. usage of 4 C : convince, Confession , CSB & Confusion

6. Derail thread

7.the recent pattern is like when something like public saga happen, come in here and distract using women’s pics.

8.character assassination

9.repeatedly saying opposition parties are weak to subtly hypnotising the rest into finally believing that opposition parties are weak, and not because it’s due to the suppressing and constraining noosing on the opposition parties at all times, whilst conveniently ignoring the truth about the pap gahmen has the most crying baby weaklings….

10.Difference in views then hurl insults and degrading names at others. It takes one to know one.

11.Calling fellow sinkies as kpkb and not working hard… lol As if everyone dont have a job.In this PAP system develop, work hard is no use.
You need to work smart instead.

12. bashing own clone to distort that he is not using any clone account

13. twisting the reality fact to suit them with hidden agenda.

14. posting media 154 news to alignment echo their master words.

15. prevented to be opposition by posting nonsense comments with fake profiles liking the comment on the opposition webpage. After that trying to discredit and disowns  the seed among them.

16. Posting misleading title post or thread to confuse people

17.  Straw Man Argument and Red Herring Argument 

18. Trolling

It is the part where they made fake new look real it is up to the Singaporean Netizen .