ebook: A Field Guide to Lies Critical Thinking in the Information Age


A Field Guide to Lies: Critical Thinking in the Information Age, written by Daniel J. Levitin was originally published in 2016 in hardcover by Dutton, and will be republished March 6, 2017 in paperback with a revised introduction under the new title Weaponized Lies: How to Think Critically in the Post-truth Era. It is a non-fiction book to help people learn critical thinking skills, recognize logical fallacies and biases, and better test the veracity of information received through mass media. The book was listed on Canadian best sellers lists in September 2016,[1][2]. It won the Mavis Gallant Prize for non-fiction presented by the Quebec Writers’ Federation [3] and a Silver Medal from the Axiom Business Book Awards


ebook : A Field Guide to Lies Critical Thinking in the Information Age