ALWAYS save your resumes in .PDF format!

Provide by blackbaron76

Friend of mine just sent me this:

2nb4zmpStory: he went for an interview for a job recently, and felt something was amiss when interviewers started asking questions and seemed to miss out on bits of his experience at last company.

He asked to see the CV interviewer had, and realised his CV had been cropped and edited, most probably from the HR people. He then lodged complaint to the CEO, and company’s internal investigations shown that the recruitment manager from a certain nationality was the culprit, and apparently it was intended to make him look bad so that the manager’s “friend” could get the job. Other CVs were also doctored as well, particularly Singaporean applicants.

The CEO (AMDK) apologised, then tried to offer the friend a job ON CONDITION THAT he does not go to MOM.

Friend is thus caught in dilemma.

What’s your take?